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I'm doing research on the descendants of Tartarus and I keep coming across claims I cant verify. I have tried every source I know. Anyway they are- Cacus and Caca aschildren of Medusa, Cadmean Fox as offspring of Echidna and are there 2 distinct Typhons. I'm trying to find the original sources. Any help is really appreciated. Good luck.

Hi Jim,
}Tartarus was more known as a dark abyss than a deity.
}Cacus was a giant, son of Vulcan, killed by Hercules (in Roman mythology.)
}Caca was sister to Cacus, who betrayed her brother with Hercules by revealing the location of the cattle of Geryon stolen by Cacus.
}Medusa had only two children, Pegasus the winged horse and Chrysaor the golden giant, both sprouting from her severed neck after Perseus beheaded her.
}The Cadmean (or Teumessian) Fox was truly a child of Echidna, turned to stone when the dog Laelaps was sent to capture him.
}Typhon was Echidna's consort, apparently sole child of Tartarus by Gaea.
I hope this helps. please let me know if you have any more questions needing answering.


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