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I'm currently doing my final year of highschool and I'm working on a major project (essay) on feminism and the influence mythology and legends have had in developing cultures that are centered on specific gender roles. This is just a general idea i haven't developed a thesis. I would like to focus on Greek mythology and I could really use some help figuring out which myths, legends and folklores would be best suited preferably in the greek culture both ancient and present. It would mean so much, Thank you.

Sorry for the late reply, but I'm not sure how to integrate feminism which is a fairly modern concept in Greek mythology.

You might note that the Greeks were very much into goddess worship and revered Gaea as the mother goddess of all, and Demeter as the goddess of the harvest was important for controlling the harvest.

Then you have goddesses like Artemis and Athena who were virgin goddesses and became powerful goddesses without taking husband -

The sheer number of female earth goddesses (nymphs) over male earth gods is something to add

And then you have the Amazons and the Lydian Queen Omphale who proved t be powerful warriors and queens without men -

Bottom line, the Greeks did not subjugate women but revered women as the mother of all. Gaea even sired Ouranus on her own to be her spouse. Most of this idea would have come from the East where mother earth worship developed around the Goddess Ishtar and came to Greece as Aphrodite, the most powerful and popular of the Gods of Greece.

I hope that helps.  


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