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I'm currently doing my final year of highschool and I'm working on a major project (essay) on feminism and the influence mythology and legends have had in developing cultures that are centered on specific gender roles. This is just a general idea i haven't developed a thesis. I would like to focus on Greek mythology and I could really use some help figuring out which myths, legends and folklores would be best suited preferably in the greek culture both ancient and present. It would mean so much, Thank you.

Hello Lynn.

Your question is very vast but I will answer you as I can...maybe we can do follow-ups and become more specific.
I myself find the myths and the actual civilization clashing, meaning: women in Ancient Greece had few rights, if any! it was even on pain of death if any woman was found in an audience during the Olympic games. sex with a woman was only for bearing children, whilst homosexuality in Greek culture was for its pleasure. women were meant to do the housecleaning, bear and take care of children and had full control of their household, but could not vote or anything else...
yet in mythology characters such as Hera, Athena and Artemis had strong characters and roles. yet in the case such as Medusa, a woman innocent of crime was the one punished rather than the actual culprit.

how does this help?....keep me updated!


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