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I'm currently doing my final year of highschool and I'm working on a major project (essay) on feminism and the influence mythology and legends have had in developing cultures that are centered on specific gender roles. This is just a general idea i haven't developed a thesis. I would like to focus on any type of mythology and I could really use some help figuring out which myths, legends and folklores would be best suited preferably in the greek culture both ancient and present. It would mean so much, Thank you.

Dear Lynn

I would really love to help you and I can tell you that although I am male I did follow some classes about feminism in Mythology.
That is the good news
The bad news: Greek mythology is mainly ruled by men as being the most important
Although you can argue certain cases (Heracles' wife being his downfall, The war on Troy because of Helen, or even the help that Jason got on completing his tasks or Hera being an important female influence)
The main role is typically male and females are more seen as consorts/wives/damsels in distress etc.

One myth  that is partly breaking this rule is the myth of Atalante (look it up)
Although she ends up getting married so I do not know if that does not again let her fit into a stereotype

Perhaps you are better of looking at Judaism as the Jews have their belief setup Matriarchal instead of Patriarchal
The bible is not really feminine but at least in the old testament there are more strong women than in Greek mythology

Hope this helps



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