I have a very old griffin/lion about 1 ft long with green glass eyes, fur and feathers on the body. the body is of a hard plastic type material. the writing on the bottom reads allero patenteo anniversa with the last word I can't make out. also the bird has puppet type long cords running out of the back. do you know who the maker is.

I'm very intrigued. I searched Google for an image close to what you described, but couldn't find anything close. I do know "allero patenteo anniversa" is possibly Italian, so that might be where it's from. Shame you couldn't send me images of the griffin and the inscription. The cords baffle me; could they be used to light up the eyes or articulate it?

I do know the griffin was a merger of the power of the lion and the majesty of the eagle, making it the king of all creatures. It was possibly based on fossils of Protoceratops skeletons from the Middle East.

Sorry I couldn't tell you more -  


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