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My name is Sarah Sykes. I am a Gifted Cluster teacher in Va. Beach Schools. My student Ghailah Nyeanchi is completing an independent project. Below is Ghailah's requests.

What fueled the beliefs for gods & godesses in Ancient rome?

There are two ways to answer this. One is the long academic analysis of Roman mythology that you can find in books and websites, and then there is the encapsulated version that I provide:

The Romans needed an explanation for what happened in the world. Their gods were most likely forgotten rulers and heroes that they had revered into deified statures, a form of ancient celebrity worship. The Romans had figures for everything that happened in their world and regularly honored their gods with offerings and sacrifices, remembering them in ceremonies and pagan celebrations. The fuel for their beliefs was that the universe was being run and controlled by beings from a world beyond our own; when things went well, they increased their worship with added gifts, but as things went bad, they felt the gods had turned against them.

I hope this gives you some insight; if you have any follow-up, please let me know.  


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