I was wondering if you have heard of or knew about the Greek Goddess Enyo? If you have heard of her do you have any recommendations on books that would have any info on her?

Hello Nikita,

Enyo was a female counterpart of Ares, her name meaning 'warlike'. She, like him, was a deity who loved bloodshed and associated with destruction. She was known as destroyer of cities. Some picture her as Ares' companion, others also as a lover. She accompanied Ares along with Eris (Strife), and Ares' sons Deimos (Dread) and Phobos (Fear), especially in the Trojan Siege.

there is also another Enyo, one of the three hag-sisters the Graeae, who shared one eye and one tooth, and were forced by Perseus to reveal Medusa's whereabouts. This Enyo's meaning of the name is 'horror/waster of cities'.

I have found a book which I think might be good, but it is not just on Enyo, but on destructive goddesses:

I hope this helps. if you need more info I will be happy to help out.



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