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I know that Poseidon sent Cetus to attack Ethiopia, because Cassiopeia said that her daughter was more beautiful than the Neirids. But why would Poseidon be bothered? Did he create them? Was one his wife?


The Nereids were goddesses of the sea. They attended Poseidon like servants and he was guilty of cavorting with them in matters of love. His wife, Amphitrite, was one of them, but she was not a jealous wife like Hera was with Zeus. When Cassiopeia said her daughter as more beautiful than the Nereids, they were insulted. They wanted Poseidon to defend their honor, and Poseidon sent Cetus to claim Andromeda.

In the movie, Clash of the Titans, Cetus was replaced by the Kraken, a Scandinavian sea monster believed to have a real-life counterpart in the giant squid.

Cetus appears in modern biology as Cetacean, the name for whales and dolphins.

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