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I know that Poseidon sent Cetus to attack Ethiopia, because Cassiopeia said that her daughter was more beautiful than the Neirids. But why would Poseidon be bothered? Did he create them? Was one his wife?


Dear Kea,

What a wonderful question
Well the short answer : Yes one of the Neirids was his wife. and apart from that Poseidon as being God of the Sea was also sleighted by the fact that a mere mortal could think that her child was more beautiful that the 50 nymfs of the sea.

Longer answer : no Poseidon did not "create" the Neirids but as nymfs of the sea they were part of his power structure over and in the sea.
So some of the lesser goddesses of the sea are being degraded by a mortal who should always fear and worship the gods and above all his wife the Neirid -phitrite who was also insulted by Cassiopeia

This made Poseidon angry and he sent Cetus to plague Ethiopia.
On the other hand no other god of the sea had power enough to sent a creature to punish an entire country (state).

I hope this answers your question
and if not do not hesitate to sent me more questions


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