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I am in a class that has to write a report on Greek mythology  and I was wondering that if I could ask you some questions.

1. What do you think would be the most important myth?
2. What Do you think is the most popular myth?
3. what would you say is your favorite myth?
4. When do you think the myths started getting passed around?

Hi again Morgan. hope you're enjoying your project!

1) I would think that, although many myths have their importance since all of them have some sort of explanation, I might say it is the myth of the Titanomachy, which was the time when Zeus and his followers battled and defeated the Titan race, this including his father Kronos. This myth was what the Greeks decided to use in order to give life to their golden age, a time when the Olympian Gods were ruled justly by Zeus and a time when there was control of the system of the earth and universe.

2) Popular...hmmm, probably the Iliad; or rather parts of it since not many people go into detail of the story. but the Iliad brought forth the famous wooden horse, and action movies such as Troy which somehow appeals to the mass.

3) Definitely the myth of Perseus. as you know, I first became acquainted with Greek mythology thanks to Medusa, and the story of her life and death and the hero who killed her has always been my most favorite.

4) Ever since the beginning of the Greek civilization some time during the 2000-600 BC. Myths were initially passed around by word, but were written down by people like Aeschylus, Cicero, Ovid and Hesiod


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