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In your own opinion how do you think mythology has affected our way of life now? please answer this and thank you if i don't get the chance to say thank you.

Dear James,

the influence of mythology (Greek, Roman, Nordic and other) is felt in numerous ways and things.
First of our beliefs (Christian , Islamic and other) stem from the polytheistic beliefs that preceded them.
A big part of these beliefs were the mythological stories that had an identical role as the bible and the quran have nowadays.

Mythology can be found in almost every part of modern society

For Instance (and I am only stating a few examples as I could go on forever)

1, The names of the planets in our solar system
2, Many body parts are named after mythological stories (Achilles Heel)
3, The names of the days are derived from Nordic / German gods (Friday is named after Frida the Nordic and German Goddess)
4, Many writer nowadays takes parts from mythological stories (Harry Potter, The Hobbit)

So you can say that we are immersed in it and will be forever as it is our past that grew with us until what it is now.

I hope this answers your question

If not
Don't hesitate to ask me more

Kind Regards

Frank ter Veen


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