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Hi Sean! So I am working on a book with many elements of greek deities. I have some questions of the possibilities that these alterations I make on stories.
i) Is it posible that Persephone was not in fact abducted by Hades but banished from heaven?
ii) Can deities be stripped of power by other deities as a punishment?
iii) What are angels' roles in Greek mythology? What do they do for deities?
iv) Would minor gods like Euromia the goddess of law and order be able to strip/surpress powers of other Gods?
v) What happens it the deities come to Earth? Is it illegal for them to fall in love with humans? Are they allowed to use their powers on Earth?

I know that's alot of questions haha and that some might not have any direct answers. I was jist wondering if these alterations were possible? Oh and who wrote these Greek myths? Thanks so so so much!

Hi Ivia, I will be more than happy to give my opinion on these questions.

i) Well, as the story specifically goes, she was kidnapped by her uncle since Zeus had promised her to him to get him off his back due to his elder brother's constant nagging. Persephone was described as being too sweet-natured, therefore it would be unlikely she would be banished; and also, she did not reside on Olympus as did her mother, but on an island where only she and her nymph-friends resided.
ii) It would be possible, or rather than stripped, their powers would be contained/bound. for a deity to have the power to bind another's power would have to be a deity of extreme power him/herself, and possibly also highly venerated/feared by the lesser gods themselves. there would also have to be reason for one to do so, otherwise it would be considered a punishable crime.
iii)Greek mythology has no angels as those known to the Catholic faith. There are various winged personages as are Eros the god of love, the Four Winds and the Boread twins Cala´s and Zetes, who were Argonauts.
iv) although I have not come across such description, I do not believe lesser gods had the power to suppress powers of other gods, lesser or even more so, the major deities.
v) as in the case of Semele, should a god or goddess come to earth in their full majesty it would cause harm to humans because their great awe is too much for a human to handle. i believe the gods had to transform themselves into a less greater nature and then be able to mingle with mortals. no it was not illegal for them to fall in love with mortals; in fact it was quite common. their powers were allowed, and commonly used, on earth too.

Greek myths were not written originally, but told by word of mouth until people like Ovid and Homer began to use writing to record these myths. I am more than happy, also, to answer any more questions you wish. it would be a satisfaction to me knowing you've written a book of Greek deities which is loyal to the origin, or at least you have knowledge of it.

yours truly,


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