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Mythology/if a Norseman/Nord were thrust forward in time to a post apocalyptic future what would he do?


OK I realize this doesn't really have alot t do with mythology, but I didn't know where else to ask. I am Heathen man and my ancestry and history is very much a part of my life. I am also a gammer and like to play as if it were a real event and take the role to extremes. Recently I picked up playing a game, Fallout New Vegas, again and am wanting to do a Viking/Varangian Guardsman build/play through. Vikings were very honorable and I'm a bit confused because obviously he, being a warrior/raider, has exceptional melee combat skills. Being a shrewd traider he has good bartering skills. And being an explorer he has survivalist skills going for him. Now seeing as how he's in a nuklear post apocalyptic age, year 2285 or so, there are guns, energy weapons, mutated insects and reptiles, huge ones, zombies, robots, super mutants that make Arnold swartzinegar look like twerp, power armor that enables the wearer to seem that of a walking tank, and about a million other things both wondrous and horrible. U can find all this on the fallout new Vegas wiki. But my question is how would he react, what would he do, what would his first action be, how would his beliefs and culture impact him in this situation, would he pick up on using firearms? Energy weapons? Utilize new armors? Light medium or heavy? Would he stick to melee? Help me out here. Thanks so much in advance

Dear Hundi,

nothing like living the game
I myself have also played the Fall out games from version 1.

Now to get to your question and actually this is one of the most fun questions I've had.

So here goes:

First of all I think that with his background he would be MEGA terrified of everything he'd see.
I am just thinking about what if a Viking from his age was found in a block of ice and some how defrosted in this post apocalyptic world.
I think he would be extremely terrified at first and would need an understanding companion or maybe an IDOL or something he would see as divine to explain things to him or he would dedicate the enormous changes around him to Ragnarok (not entirely untrue with post apocalyptic worlds).

Depending on his own character he would then try to cope in this new world as best he could
Starting first with the things he knows like melee weapons. As he is human he also has the incredible learning skill that has helped our species throughout history and thus he would learn first to use more exotic melee weapons and maybe if something or someone could show and explain him energy weapons or firearms he would get into that.
Mind you that maybe his sense of honor could get in the way of him using overly overwhelming fire arms or energy weapons.

If the armors would look anything like what he was used to he would use them as would physical shields.

Personally I do not believe his faith in the Norse gods would wane.
As there are still unexplained things that he would see as done by the gods

I hope I have given some insight into what is possible

If you want to continue this discussion I would be happy to help

Let me know

Kind Regards



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