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Mythology/What is the difference between Kratos and Bia?


Hello Sir,
As far as I have read, Kratos, Bia, Zelus and Nike were four deities born from the Styx. They served Zeus or something. What is the difference between Kratos and Bia? Both are described to be the God and Goddess of Force, hence my query. Also why does Zeus need a deity of Jealousy (Zelus)? Please clear my doubts.

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yes indeed they were children of Pallas and Styx and they did serve Zeus, taking their mother's wise footsteps.
there are many gods and goddesses who are patrons of the same thing, but sometimes it is because they are patrons of its different forms. Kratos is a personification of strength, whereas Bia is that of force, which though seemingly the same can actually be separated. strength is the ability, force is the action.
As much as Zelus personifies jealousy and rivalry, he also personifies dedication; a perfect attendant the king of the gods would require. the word 'zeal' is derived from his name, which means diligence and dedication. for dedication and jealousy to be mixed would serve a very appropriate attendant who would be totally serving, and jealous of anyone trying to copy him!

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