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Mythology/Dating of Greek Myths


Dear sir,
Sometime back I read a reference where astronomical events occurring in the Greek Myths were used to date the events as to when they might have happened in history. For example, events resembling solar and lunar eclipses dated Hercules' birth to October 31, 1276 and Odysseus returning to Ithaca on April 16, 1178. If you are also aware of this, I was hoping you might be aware of the name of the book or resource that determined these dates as I'm trying to re-track down the original source of this research. Any help you may have would be appreciated.

Hello William,

as interesting as this subject is unfortunately I do not have material which goes as deep in connection with astronomy/astrology and Greek myths. I have tried googling it to lead me to a book title but to no avail :/ I will still try further maybe I will come by such a book as this is a very interesting subject; but until now my only knowledge is the mythology behind the stars.

I am very sorry I could not be of further assistance...but hopefully I could be in the near future!

kind regards,


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