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Mythology/Greek Mythology and modern society


Hi Sean

i am in high school in my final year, we have got a research project and my topic for this is "What affects does Greek Mythology have in modern society".

any information will be helpful for my project.

the following questions are the main focus for my project:

How has Greek Mythology affected the English language that we use today, how much do we depend on it?

In the lives of people in modern society, what major jobs originate from Greek Myths and how does it affect the daily life of people?

From the stories of Greek Myth, has religion in today’s society changed in anyway. Has the old religion, mentioning the Greek Gods in Myths influenced Christianity or other Religions?

Has Entertainment in general (Movies, Books, TV shows, Games, Drama Plays) used similar aspects and descriptions of characters from moments in a variety of stories in Greek Mythology?

Are Greek Myths a big part of Modern society in terms of Architecture? What types of buildings/statues originate, or have influences from Mythology?

Thank you"

Hi Harry, these will be my answers for your questions:

Greek Mythology has an evident major affect on modern-day English language: such terms we use derived from it are words and phrases like aphrodisiac, erotic, psyche, venereal disease, Achille’s heel, Trojan Horse etc…
Now, it depends what exactly you mean by ‘depend on it’: if you mean how true these words are to the original mythological origin I say very much so, because these words have a total meaning according to the mythological character it comes from. Aphrodisiac, for example, means a substance which arouses sexual passion, and such was the goddess Aphrodite.

Hmmm, modern-day jobs relating to Greek myths: I would think a professor in a University, or researcher for documentaries are two major jobs which pop to mind, or even a writer of books who publishes these myths, which are still famous today.
As per effects on daily life I would think they are not as strong, unless a Greek guide or a professor lecturing on the subject. Otherwise I think they are just a good source of research material on both the myths themselves and also partially on the Greek civilization of that time.

Greek myths today are, according to my opinion, just myths and stories when it comes to religion. The ancient Greek gods are no longer considered as a religion nowadays since modern religions have been overtaken by a single god, not a pantheon.
What might be connected to modern-day religion (in the case of Christian Catholic since this is the religion I follow and have little idea of the other modern religions), both the bible and Greek myths speak of the first woman to bring chaos on earth, and of the great deluge of Noah /Deucalion & Pyrrha.

Greek mythology is still strong and sought-for in the entertainment world in all aspects you describe. There are numerous movies, plays, books etc… directly relating to Greek myths. They are so fascinating (this is my biased opinion) that they remain a great source of literature and it seems that they won’t be dying any time soon!

Modern art & architecture may have been influenced from the Greek myths, or rather more like from ancient Greek art & architecture. The most influenced art by Greek mythology was back in the Renaissance period, but nowadays modern art has a very small proportion to relation to Greek Myths…but still, I sometimes do find some interesting piece of art with a head of an Apollo or some other Greek mythology figure.

I hope these answers suffice Harry, but again please do follow-up if you wish to question further. I’d be more than happy to help.

Glad to be of help, S.


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