Dear Sean,

We are grade 6/7 students wondering if you could answer a few questions for our inquiry.

How does mythology affect your life?
Do you think some parts of Greek mythology could actually be true?
How do you think mythology affects the world?

Thank you for your time.

Hi Cole,

} Mythology's affect on my life is mostly by opening doors to knowledge of the ancient world, especially the Greek culture, as to what the Greeks believed and what they thought. it helps one understand what the Greek civilization had as to principles and ideas, lifestyle and way of thinking.

} I think that there might be parts where Greek myths speak of actual and true events, but with added fantasy to enhance the importance of a particular person or occurrence- like for example the the Titanomachy, which tells of a great war that changed the very face of the earth, but in true life it was a great earthquake...

} I think mythology, as in my case, gives modern times a perspective of the beliefs and principles of the Ancient World, helping us realize the good things and improve others.


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