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I am a college student in New Jersey, and I am researching how, in the more well known religions and beliefs, there is one deity who commands the others or is held in higher regard. My question is is there any other reasons as to why Odin and Zeus were the highest regarded gods in their respective religions, besides the obvious crowning achievements.

Dear James,

as I am better versed in Greek Mythology I will answer your question from that perspective.
In the myth about Zeus' birth and subsequent killing of his father and rescue of his siblings it was Zeus who did the deed of killing his dad and rescueing the other deities.
After which HE devided the 3 spheres of power amongst him and his 2 brothers
Zeus got the heaven (Mount Olympus and was prime power amongst the gods) although even he could be overruled by the God of love (or his mother) and the three godesses of Faith Klotho Lachesis and Atropos.
Poseidon got the blue green seas and oceans
Hades got the realm of the dead.

Although one can state that Zeus got the best deal out of this, it must be stated that Disney depicted Hades wrong in the fact that he was vengefull and angry for getting the (worst) deal.
Don't forget that the dead took up an important part in Greek life and the cultus of death and burial was perhaps more important as it gave the opportunity to be reborn.

Having said all this there are clear differences in location as to which god has more influence in certain areas.
For instance Pallas Athena was protector of her own city Athens and had an important following there
Apollo had his Oracle in Delphi (which he stole from Gaia) where he was referred above all.

And so there were many other places where other deities were more important than Zeus (although he was never forgotten for fear of his wrath)

Hope this helps

If you need more help please send me a msg

Kind regards

Frank Terveen


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