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I've got a very unusual request. I'm trying to track down a copy of a very rare and unique book from my youth about Greek Mythology that is not in my collection. I spent most of the 8th Grade copying much of what I presently know on the subject into notes, but if I ever wrote down the title, I must have lost it. The book listed by name the majority of figures and locations from Greek mythology into short details and included photos of art and sculptures, but the best part was it had the most detailed family trees I've ever seen. It had a Olympian gods family tree that extended into the House of Argos on the following page. it included trees for the House of Cadmus, House of Pelops and House of Troy. I've searched for this book using every possible combination of words on Google. I'm hoping you would be familiar with it.

Hello William,

by the sounds of this book it seems that it is quite an informative book- one which I must say I have not come past by unfortunately.
I do however have books with family trees; I also made a simple one myself for the hero Perseus. Alas I will try and find out if I could find this book, and will get back to you.

if you wish to communicate with me quicker you may do so on my email I check my inbox frequently.

I would be happy to help out in any way possible.

thanks & kind regards,



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