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Hello Frank,

I'm searching for mythological characters / creatures who have hidden talents or who prove to be much more valuable, skillful or virtuous than originally assumed, or who are otherwise discovered to be true heroes against popular opinion, assumption or first appearance.

Thank you so much!!

Hi Zoe,

your question had me baffled but I will try to answer it a bit
If I did not get youur meaning than dont hesitate to explain some more (and I will answer quicker)

one of the creatures I always thought was misinterpreted was Pegasus
Although born from the blood of the gorgon Medusa (and having had Poseidon as a father) the creature turns out to be the fiery steed of Bellerphon.

Persephone starts out as a happy go-lucky goddess who later on becomes Hades' wife and in becoming this counterbalances his negativeness

these are a few of the examples I could come up with
Hope it helps

Kind regards



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