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Nick wrote at 2013-02-24 01:44:21
The last time only one car finished on the lead lap was on October 2nd 1994 at North Wilkesboro when Geoff Bodine lapped the field and had a one lap advantage on 2nd place Terry Labonte. Only 2 cars were within one lap of the leader. 4th-7th place was 2 laps down. 8th-10th was 3 laps down. 11-13th was 4 laps down. 14th was 5 laps down. 15th-19th was 6 laps down. 20th was 7 laps down. 21st-22nd was 8 laps down. 23rd-24th was 9 laps down. 25th was 12 laps down. The rest of the field was 20 or more laps down.


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