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An Pham wrote at 2011-02-01 07:42:30
hello, i work at a vietnamese own nail salon. which is all across the country. and if tat's where u get ur nails done, simply by saying "can i get a full set of gel nail powder" is enought.

bratgirl wrote at 2012-10-31 18:10:22
Gel Powder Nails, in my opinion, are the better product and the better deal

#1. Gel Powder Nails aren't as thick as acrylic nails are.

#2.gel powder nails look more natural, because they are not as thick. (Besides if one does break it's not as painful, depending upon where the break is.)

#3. Gel powder nails are cheaper for a full set and for fill-ins.

#4. The gel powder nails are more "flexible" whereas acrylic are not.

I've had both & I think acrylic are brittle, thick/fake-looking and a bad investment as I had nothing but problems with them.

I love my gel powder nails. I go regularly to get polish changes and fills to keep them looking nice.

Chicago Nail Tech wrote at 2014-02-02 03:24:05
Nail salons use acrylic powder and liquid monomer after preping your nails with a bonder and primer. After they file and buff them they used a uv gel top coat and called it gel nails so they can make more money off of you. There however is a gel powder I've found two companies Le Chat & Anastasia. This is a powder form applied in layers between brushed on gel by dipping or sprinkling the finger with gel powder and the  buffed after each layer after going into the led light. It's similar to a no chip. But it's not using actual gel.The next time you go into a salon test them tell them you want acrylic nails with a gel top coat I bet they'll do what your used to and it will be cheaper. Gel comes in a form of gel and (a liquid known as monomer is not used). A polish base coat,top coat,and bonder are used.  

luscioussarita wrote at 2014-03-22 13:32:44
I've been using crystal gel manicure for years. The powder is called non-acrylic powder which is less damaging to your nails. I apply it to my natural nail along with a special glue gel for example: inky crystal gel liquid. It can cost $40-$35 for a full set and $25-20 for my fills. I can go for 3 weeks before going back in for a fill. Doesn't break as easy and I type everyday. No UV lights, no primer, no glues, no fungus!!!! It is hard to find someone who does this technique because its expensive...but when you do hold on to them. ;)

Golden wrote at 2014-10-08 23:58:09
I know exactly what you're talking about! Gels -painted on in gel form, cured under light look more natural and do not damage your real nails. I live in Newport Beach and I cannot find a place that does these either. I used to get them done in Westlake Village and I loved them! If I ask for gel nails not a gel manicure they want to put acrylic nails on with gel polish. It's so frustrating!!!

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