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Good Morning: I am a nail technician in Chicago, I use EZ Flow products and I have been having problems with the acylic chipping at the edges really bad. Can you please help me. This is a big problem with my clients and it has not happened before.

Hi Elizabeth,
I understand that you are having problems with your clients corners breaking off.  This could be happening from a few things and since I am unable to see your nails it is hard to say for sure, acrylic can break because the product is too weak, by not building the side walls up sufficiently to absorb the repeated stress they are put under. The side walls are good but the liquid powder ratio is off( to wet or to dry) and the nail can not hold up to the stress. It can also be removing to much of the corner when filing them. The natural nail also pulls away from the acrylic and clients can pick at it and pull it away and this will weaken the durability of the corners. I don't use EZ Flow I use CND rentention so I have never worked with that product, you might want to see if there is an EZ Flow educator in the Chicago area that might come in and help you out to find out what might be going on if you feel that none of the other things are happening. Good Luck don't get frustrated you will find the answer. I have been doing nails for over 16 yrs and every once in a while you have things come up and you are doing the right thing to figure it out.
Karen New

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