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I am an oldtimer.  Years ago when I had my nails done there was a procedure called "silk wraps" which were suppose to be better for your nails.  Basically, little pieces of silk were put on your nails and then the acrylic was put on top of that.  My nails never suffered from this procedure.  Unfortunately, now when I decide to stop having false nails, the nail under the acrylic is a mess and I need to wait a month or two before I am back to a healthy nail.  Is this type of procedure used anymore?  If not, is there something new that has replaced it other than their applying the gel/acrylic directly on the nail?

Jo, hello! Thank you for visiting AllExperts.  My name is Pamela Golightly and I am a Natural Nail Care Specialist, in California, for the last 26 years, so i'm an old-timer too!
Yes, silk wraps are still being used. I would search on the web to see who is using that process.  In the meantime, to help your nails mend, you can purchase Nailtiques formula 2 Plus.  This product is used to help repair and help heal nails after trauma.  Nailtiques is a Natural Nail Care company and is free from, harsh chemicals like Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DPB.  If you cannot locate this product locally try Amazon and they will direct you to a site that sells this product.  Follow the directions when using the product.  They also have polish colors too!  Hope this helps you!  Kindly, Pamela  

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