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So I don't quite know what I should get done to my nails so I will explain what I want and maybe you could suggest something to me. I have a favourite bright pink nailpolish which I always apply but it always chips off in three days. So I want to get some kind of enhancement done which will make sure it doesnt chip off, give me nails more of an arc and all give them the intense shiny look of the nail bed in a french manicure only with my bright pink nail polish. I have no idea which nail service to get for this so I was hoping you could help me. :)

Hi Thanks for your question

This is a tricky one, short answer the only way you can add longevity to polish is to religiously re-apply a clear top coat every night. Another option (if you have the tools) is a UV top coat (clear gel top coat) that is then cured (cooked) under a uv light. This will lock in the polish and will require it to be filed off or soaked off (depending on the type used).

The other issue you ask about is nail services, from what you have said, you want an enhancement applied to the nail, this is most commonly done in acrylic or gel formulation, but other options such as wraps may also be available, depending on your area. This treatment can give added arc to the nail, build up the strength (although, do not mistake this as your nails being now able to replicate a tool of ANY description, you will just end up damaging the enhancement, possibly REALLY damaging your nail and it will most likely, very much HURT!!)

Head over to your local nail professional, enquire what they offer in the form of artifical enhancement and ENJOY!

Hope this helps, anything else, please let me know :)


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