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I had acrylics for about 6 weeks and they were not applied properly. I had them removed because i noticed black stains under acrylics at first i thought it was dirt or something.. but when i removed them i noticed it was green and on my natural nails. I went back to place were i had them put on and they assured me it was not a fungus and was given a fungal remover and was told to apply it, twice a day and it would be gone in a week. Here I'm 3 weeks later and green is still visible in some nails and some nails are now yellow and one of my nails looks like its separating and i also noticed some black lines on nails as well. Could this be a fungus? I'm really worried about my nails and would like to see a doctor if it is fungus and get it treated ASAP

Hi thanks for your question

Firstly, I have to say I have a number of concerns regarding your question.

Most importantly, yes without question, you have a fungal infection on your nails. Given that you appear to have separation of the nail plate from the nail bed the importance and urgency that you should seek treatment is paramount.

Next I have to ask, if they stated to you that it was not in any way a fungal infection, why would they then give you a fungal remover??

Did you pay for this additional 'treatment'? If so, I'd be asking for a refund.

Lastly, as they did this to you in the first place after you had already seen that they were incorrectly applied don't go to them for any more treatments and/or advice from this place. Take this experience as a learning lesson and please get some appropriate medical intervention immediately.

Thanks and good luck

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