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Candace <3 wrote at 2013-05-27 08:42:17

    I just painted my nails with Maybelline 250 Keep Up The Flame, Then a top coat of Nail-Aid 3 Minute Artificials... I touched nothing, rubbed my nails on nothing and within minutes they were turning black... It has to be something in the combination of nail products and not something someone is touching...?  

lisaonthelake wrote at 2015-12-04 20:27:58
I also have had the same issue but only for the last 4 months. Never had the issue prior to 4 months ago. My nail tech who has been doing my nails for years has used 4 different top coats in the last 4 months including a not tack-free one with the same issue each time. She states I am the only person this is happening to and she has asked me if I am taking any new meds or if I am using a new dish soap or laundry soap. I am not taking any new medication, using same dish soap, same laundry soap, haven't dyed my hair, don't read the newspaper except online. Any other explanations?

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