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QUESTION: Hi im really struggling on understanding what things i should be looking out for i know all the skin and nail disorders but im not aware of health issues and medications that i should be aware of that would restrict of prevent me carrying out manicures, pedicures and nail extensions would be great help if you could list me them as i dont feel confident at moment due to this x

ANSWER: Hi Danielle

Because you are asking about contraindications of medications that may affect nail services I am assuming that you are a licensed nail professional. I a 17 yr nail veteran in the US, we are not trained in any type of contraindications of medicines here, that is essentially diagnosis and our license does not include that, we are not doctors. So I am sorry that I can not answer your question in the way you are asking. There are many different things that can interfere with nail services, such as medications, hormones, medical conditions and more. I would recommend that if you have a client that is dealing with a particular medical condition, or is on a medication(medications can sometimes be made differently there then here and visa versa)that you have them speak with their doctor about having nail services and what they recommend. I have a client card that has them disclose their doctor's info and any medications so if any reaction to products does occur I am not liable. Take classes if you are concerned that something that you may do may be adversely affected. Again I am sorry that I can't give you a list of medications to refer to. Here and in Canada you can get licensed as a medical pedicurist, working along side a doctor and are exposed to more, that maybe a route you would like to take.
Thank you for your question.

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QUESTION: thats fine i think im just thinking to much ahead that i dont need to know so really if a client comes in whos on medication i should just advise her that i need a doctors referal xx

ANSWER: Hi Danielle

In the cast of Diabetes or Chemo I make sure they get a doctors release for services, if they are on insulin I like to do a dry pedi or mani(this is my choice so I don't overly dry the skin out)I would say speaking with the clients and getting to know what is going on in their life as far as work: what they do and what stress it puts on the nails, home: diet, cleaning: do they where rubber gloves, activity levels: working out, sports. Learn about the clients habits so if you do see something going on you can check and see if their is a new medication or medical condition you are unaware of. Sometimes clients are not willing to open up about medical conditions or medications because in their minds they do not feel it has any baring on their nails. In the US we can thank the non standard salons for that because they really don't care about quality they care about quantity people go in and out not understand how things can effect their nails. Most issues that come up with nails are the client not keeping them in good shape and what they do to abuse them, this causes more problems then any medications or medical condition. The number 1 thing is to get your clients to understand how important it is to keep them healthy and this in turn will allow the things you do to hold up better. Cuticle oil is the number one recommendation, get them to use it daily for enhancements, manicures, pedicures, gel polishes  and any other service.
Good Luck in your new career as a nail professional, it will bring you tons of rewards in life, not just money.

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QUESTION: Hi Karen can you please tell me why i must ask a client for a doctors permission to have a manicure pedicure or nail extensions after she had a stroke althou its 5 years ago x

Hi Danielle

You have a client that had a stroke 5 yrs ago and I am not understanding she wants you to get a release from her doctor or do you want one for your protection or does your license require you to get a release.
The only client that I have ever had that had a stoke was my Mom and I know after she felt comfortable to come in for manicures and pedicures she was able to tell me where it still hurt and I stayed away from that area.(mostly the left side was very sensitive)
I would think that she would be able to tell you where there might be an issue, from a legal stand point I guess it wouldn't hurt to get something in writing. Do you feel nervous to work on her? That might alleviate any trepidation you might feel.
I guess I am not answering your question very good since I don't seem to be understanding the reason.

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