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Hi, I just applied French tips with LCD gel overlay and the first day all the tip cracked so I had to redo them all, second day after redoing them the gel is starting to release dorm the tip. What am I doing wrong. Here are my steps: first I make sure there is nothing left on nail, I buff it clear, than I disinfect the nails, put on a dehydrate to the nail,I than apply the french tip and cut them to size, than I apply a very tin coat of bonder, cure for 2 min, apply a thin layer of gel, cure for 2 min, add more gel to build up the nail, cure for 3 min, buff any ridges, apply sealant, cure for 3min.   Can you give me some idea of where I am going wrong. .

Hi Dana

I understand you are having a problem with your Gel Enhancements lifting shortly after being applied, this is a hard question to answer fully, I do not know the kind of product that you are using, I am a licensed professional with 17 years experience, I do not know the manufacturer of your gel product so it is really hard to tell you what is really going on, many things can cause product break down, nail prep(which it sounds like you did), bad bulbs, not enough wattage to cure properly, touching the skin, to thick coats and a few other things. If you are a licensed professional I would recommend that you find out who the manufacturer is and call their education number so they can trouble shoot what is going on.
If you are not a licensed professional, I would recommend going to one that does gels. I am sorry, I do not want to offend you but non professional should not be using these products because of this issue. If you really love doing nails and everything about nails I would recommend that you get your license, our industry can always use passionate people in our industry.
Thank you for your question

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