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I bought a gel nail kit from Nailene called Sensationail Starter Kit.  It comes with some shellac type polishes and an led uv lamp.  My concern is that I thought I was choosing a safe lamp, (being led) but on the bottom it says led uv lamp.  It says that you may want to wear protective eye wear, may increase skin cancer/aging risk. etc. It is extremely bright and warm because it has a mirror on the bottom to reflect the bulbs lights.  My 10 year old wants shellac manicures - I'm thinking that this might not be the best product for us.  Do you have any thoughts on led/uv lamps for home use?  Thanks so much!

Hi Julia
Since I am a professional nail specialist for 17 yrs, I have to say this up front, your question is why the lay person should not being doing nail services with out a license. Ok with that said let me see if I can give you some information that may explain some things to you. First I want to tackle the Shellac statement, Shellac is a patented product, it is a hybrid, half polish, half gel there are no other products like this out there, what you have is gel polish, they have to have a catalyst to activate the curing process and that is where the light comes into play. UV or LED: UV uses UVA and UVB rays LED uses a light emitting diode that creates UV light that will cure gel products can't be used with CND Shellac it will not cure properly.
This is a company selling people that are not licensed in the nail industry products that are normally used by licensed professionals so they have to issue disclosures in case anything does happen they are resolved of any damage. These lights do product bright lights and heat at different levels. I would highly recommend that you use this with their product line only and no other kinds as each product has a different level of cure rates and products should not be mixed.
As to your 10 year old daughter wear gel products, If a 10yr came to me in the salon I would highly discourage them from wearing any type of products other then polish ie: acrylic, gel enhancements, and gel polishes these products have chemicals in them and do cause other issues to their nails if proper home care is not involved and most 10yr olds do not want to take that responsibility on. The ultimate decision is yours as to whether or not to use on your daughter.
I would recommend going to a really good salon(not oriental) learn about proper home care of the gel polishes, watch the application process and ask questions. Then try it at home when you understand a little more about the process and care. If you are still concerned about the light do not let her look directly into the light(she can wear safety glasses) and apply a UVA/UVB sunscreen on her skin to protect her from exposure. Good luck in what ever direction you go and I hope this gives you some insight towards that direction.

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