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I have been having my nails done for over 16 years using the "fill"product.  The last 3 times I've had my nails done, my cuticles have been very itchy and a little inflamed.  What causes it and what can I do to relieve the itch?


Hi Marlyn,
First I have to say I am a licensed nail technician for 17+ years I am not a physician, I do strongly advise you to seek medical advise in the matter of itchy skin.
I can tell you that the liquid and powder products used to do acrylic enhancements are chemicals and in the wrong hands they can be dangerous or the hands of someone that is not paying attention to what they are doing also is dangerous. There are specific ratios the are used mixing liquid and power, to much liquid can run on the skin, primers are also used to allow the products to adhere to much again can run on the skin. When laying acrylic you must stay 1/8th of an inch away from any of the skin. All of these things may not hurt the skin one time but repeated over and over can cause your body to react and giving you a warning sign to stop it.You may never be able to wear acrylics or gels(chemically similar to acrylic)continued exposure can cause more problems blisters, infection. I hope this will help you. I do not want to be the bearer of bad news but a doctor can help you figure out what exactly is going on and advise you.
Thank you for you question and good luck.

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