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I have worn acrylic nails for years. I developed an allergic reaction all of a sudden. I got tiny blisters on all my fingers, they were red swollen and very itchy. They started to split on the cuticles. It took me about 2 months to get my hands rights. I did not use acrylic nails again. This weekend i did 2 sets of nails for friends. I did not touch the products at all. The only thing that came in contact with my hands was the buffer. I have broken out in the same reaction this time even worse got rash right up to my elbows. Is it possible I can be allergic to the buffer fibres that come of with filling. Thank you.

Hi Thanks for your question.

From what you are describing, it sounds like it could be a contact dermatitis that you have developed. The short answer, you need to stay away from the product - altogether. This reaction will always come up when you are in any way close to the product. This also includes the filings from the product, not just the product directly touching you.

You have a few options:

1. Not use the product anymore
2. Try other brands of the product, you may find other manufacturers do not elicit this response (although, there is a big chance that all will)
3. Wear protective equipment when in contact with the product (such as rubber/latex gloves). Although, you need to be aware that you may, over time, develop a contact irritant response to these also.
4. Stock up on anti-histamines to alleviate  the response, although this may not treat the physical outbreak and as a result, the outbreak may still be there, which may or may not be unsightly.

None of this is anything like I'm sure you were hoping to hear, but in these sorts of cases, these really are your only options, but you should be aware, that option 4 is the LEAST favorable response. It simply treats the symptom, not the cause and persisting with product use by simply masking the symptoms may result in a much larger response.

Good luck with everything, perhaps you should consult with your physician also, they may be able to offer alternate solutions or refer you to other practicioners.

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