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I have solar gel nails and they have turned very yellow while away on vacation. I asked the tech and he got angry saying it's the white air brushing and they all turn yellow in sun. Is this true? Years ago I had the same and nothing happened when I vacationed. Thanks.

Hi thanks for your question

Firstly, no one should get angry for asking a basic question regarding the outcome of a service, sorry that happened to you. Secondly, I'm a bit confused, do they do the enhancement as one whole colour, then airbrush the French detail in? If so, then yes, the paint can break down and discolour, BUT it is more likely the product they are using over the top (gel top coat/regular top coat) is doing this. Some products do this, especially old or cheaper (or unbranded) brands often get this happen. Given your discription, if it were me, I'd just use another place to get my work done, the warning signs are there loud and clear for you that this is not a reputable place to get work done. Good luck.

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