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I have two nails that the nail bed was damaged during an industrial accident. There is no medical problem remaining except that the nail splits down the middle and when I hit it on any thing rips open I was thinking about trying a silk or fiberglass wrap to hold them together. I notice some people on here recommending against that in favor of a gel coat or nail. I have tried the supper glue and powder before but never seem to get the surface to look non alien. Also my nails are breaking and kind of brittle. thinking this might help with that too.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Marckey,
I understand that you are have issues with your nail tearing vertically, this is a very common issue when the nail has been traumatized and permanent damage has been done. I see that you tried glue and powder to hold it together and it didn't work well, if the process was not properly done you get product break down, whether it is, glue and powder, silk wraps, gels, or acrylics. With out knowing the extent of the tear it is hard for me to say what is the best option for you, my number one recommendation would be to find a good professional in your area(not cheap salons) that could exam the tear and along with you figure out what would be the best product for you. Then you must be consistent to stay on that course. I understand that you are having a lot of dryness issues also. Your nails are porous and every time you put them in something it naturally absorbs it whether it is water, cleaning product, or anything else that your nail can absorb. This pushes the natural oils that are in your nails out and that allows the nail to become dry and brittle, to maintain proper moisture you need to apply a natural cuticle oil on a daily basis and sometimes this even resolves the tearing issue but you have to be vigilant about doing it. You will be surprised at what a good cuticle oil daily will do for your nails. If you stop caring for them the nails will revert back to its prior condition, also if you are using something to cap your nail this will allow the product to work and adhere better. I know it costs money to go to a quality nail professional but you need to decide whether you can live with the frustration of this condition or not. A good professional will get you on track and your stress will not be so prevalent by worrying about how they look and this isn't working. Good Luck I hope you can get your nails back on track.

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