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I have this a cuticle/skin picking habit since high school-that's when other mental problems started to manifest,depression,anxiety,OCD,very mild signs of ADHD :( I heard from my aunt that my mom used to pick at her hangnails/cuticles, then my sister and I got it from her. It's a cycle i am in. I want to stop picking at hang nails and stuff, stop spending who knows how much on band aids. When I rip off a hang nail sometimes it bleeds or very painful. I am working on my mental problems but I feel this is a habit and I wish it could end :( Do you know any ways to better take care of hang nails and keep my cuticles from developing hang nails? This habit is just stressing me out :(

Hi Kelly
After 17 years as a nail specialist I wish I could give you a quick cure to fixing hang nails so you do not pick at them.
In most cases dryness is the culprit, washing hands, cleaning, touching paper, medications, hormones, diet, gardening are just a few of the ways the skin on your fingers become dry, for most clients I have seen over the years it seems that when the skin is dry they pick which develops scar tissue that is dry and hard and they pick at that because it feel ruff. Before you take any course of action, I highly recommend that you let them completely heal up, put neosporin on them and give them a chance to heal. Then I would recommend once the skin is healed to get regular manicures so someone can teach you how to properly care for your hands. Nail biting is another similar issue for people I have found when people see results they tend to leave them along. A great cuticle oil is one of your best friends apply it daily, along with moisturizer after washing your hands, if you are cleaning always wear rubber gloves. Once you have got your fingers looking better if you do slip up and the skin tears, get it healed asap with neosporin then go back to your routine. Get a pattern going, it will be a good course to follow. I have a son with ADD and I know over the years he does will when I stick to a routine. And patience is also your best friend it will take time but you can get there, seek out the advise of a pro and they will work with you.
You may even want to take pictures of your progress to see that you are coming along.
Good Luck

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