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Hi I have acrylic nails and I get the pink and white and at the end of my fill they put on a shiny coat then I put my hand in a light for about 30 seconds, but a few days later the white part of my nails looks dirty is there anything I can use to remove the dirt from the top of my nail I have tried acetone and alcohol but they don't work thanks .

Hi thanks for your question

Firstly, the "shiny coat" you are getting on top is a UV top coat. Secondly, STOP PUTTING ACETONE ON YOUR NAILS!!!! you are ruining them, not cleaning them. Acetone is used to break down gel/acrylic it is not a cleaning product for them (hence why so many non acetone nail polish removers exist). I don't know what you do or how you treat your nails, so I can't speculate on if this is a source for the "dirtiness" to occur. Is it actual dirt or is it discolouration? It may be that their (your nail establishment) may have old bulbs in their lamp and the top coat isn't curing (hardening) as it should causing the nail to be somewhat sticky or pliable. An easy way to see if its a 'you or them' scenario, is to get them done elsewhere and see if the issue still presents. If it does, it's most likely something you are doing that is causing it, and given your lively attempts to remove it, it sounds like a discolouration, rather than actual "dirt".

A lot of people, post nails, then use them as on-board tools, this can cause a heap of damage! Not only to the enhancement, but to your own nail plate also. Also, if you work in an evironment where your hands are constantly wet (kitchen/laundry/bar etc...) this can cause discolouration and issues with your nails. And finally, STOP USING ACETONE ON YOUR NAILS.

Hope this helps


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