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I've been having my nails done for about 8 years with no issues.  Within the last month, when I get them filled they have been very sore afterwards right around the cuticle.  The skin around my nails recently has been very dry so I was thinking because they are filed and they have the old skin taken away the new skin is exposed and thus making them sore.  I'm not sure.  I'm wondering if I am becoming allergic to something as well.

They hurt for a few days and then it goes away and my fingers become very dry around the edges.  Then when I go back the process starts all over again and I don't how to correct it.  Any advice?  Thanks.

Hey Holli!

Well, my first question would be, have you gone to the same salon and/or technician for the past 8 years?  Is your technician using a file or an electric drill?

You are close to your logic.  Many times, the skin around the cuticle area can become sore or damaged due to improper filing/drilling. Think of it as a cut.  It can be very sore when you first get a cut but after a few days, the body will grow a protective layer of skin until that area heals.

I think the one sure thing that can be done is to apply a natural oil to our cuticles before bed.  Many people like to add oil in the morning or throughout the day but it never really gets a chance to penetrate and instead winds up in our hair, clothes or on your favorite electronic device.  Applying oil at night allows it to penetrate and nurture your skin.

Give me a little more insight about the procedure ( file vs. drill ). I'm here to help.

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