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QUESTION: i am allergic to formaldehyde. where can i purchase formaldehyde free acrylic or what is a name brand of it so i can look it up.

ANSWER: Hi Crystal,
I understand you have an allergy to formaldyhyde and looking for an acrylic product with out it. Since I have no more information to go on. I don't know if you were diagnosed by a doctor to verify this. Formaldyhyde is not in acrylic liquid aka monomer it is Formalin a derivative of Formaldehyde. If you are having a reaction to the skin around the nail bed it could be the monomer that has touched the skin, you could have this being done by a nail tech that doesn't know what they are doing or if you are doing your nails yourself you are floating liquid onto the skin. Non Standard Salons tend you use a cheaper MMA Monomer which is banded by FDA because of safety. If you are doing your own nails and using a cheaper product this may also be unsafe. Since I don't know whether you are a licensed nail tech or not, I am asumming you are seeing someone, these products in the hands of someone untrained can be unsafe. Many nail products have Formalin in them, even nail polish manufactured before 2007. My experience in doing nails for 19 years has been when someone has a reaction get it off and refer to doctor to test, in most cases it is there always, hard gels and gel polishes all contain simular products and if you change to them and the exposure builds up again then break out occurs. You may check with your doctor and see if there is something for desenceativity. I hope this helps you out, I am sorry I can't give you a definitive answer because I dont have all the facts and I am assuming aftering doing nails for many years and experience as a license nail specialist in Florida.
Thanks for your question
Karen New

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QUESTION: Yes I did go to the allergist and that's what the test came with that I was allergic to

Hi Crystal,
I'm sorry I am just getting back to you, I have been out of town. Thank you very much for letting me know that your Doctor officially diagnosed you with an allergy to formaldehyde.
If you were my client and that was the case I would highly recommend you to not put acrylics, hard gels, gel polishes, and nail polishes manufactured before 2007 on your nails. I am sorry this may not be the answer you are looking for, but if you are allergic to something your body can't tolerate it and putting these type of products on could eventually effect your health. I recently had to do this for a client who I am sorry to say would not listen to my recommendation and ended up in the ER with blistered and painful fingers.
There are great nail applications that stay on very well such a Minx Nails and Dashing Diva(professional products).
Good luck I hope you find something that will work out for you.
Karen New

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