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Hi I recently had my gel nails removed after a month and a half and I think the woman may have drilled my nails Too much. I have never had this problem. While she was drilling. It felt ok because my nails were soaked before and in result, the gel came off easy. But then she kept drilling my entire nail and now my nail beds are very painful incuding being sensitive to water, barely touching things and cant squeeze too much. I have a newborn to take care of and I want to know if I can soak my nails in tree oil and luke warm water to help with the pain or what do you suggest I do at home?

Ouch... I don't even want to imagine the pain and what you are going through dear... Use either olive oil or almond tree or any cream with vitamin A. Do not soak as this will make your nails flake and you can't afford that!!!!! It will take something like 3-6 months in average to feel them normal but if you take calcium because of the baby, the process will be faster... Hope all be well soon and may all the joy for your newborn!

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