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I think I've managed to get the hang of pushing back my cuticles as in how to actually do it, but I'm not sure how far I'm meant to push them back, so I was hoping you could please tell me?
Thank-you :)

Hi Libby

Thanks for your question.

In regards to cuticles, the golden rule is 'less is more'. Don't overdo things, just gently pushing on the cuticles should suffice, for regular maintenance. If you find they are quite overgrown (eg: growing up the nail) you can get a product called 'cuticle remover' apply some of it to the cuticles, leave it for a few minutes, then push them back, you will find this helps remove the excess. After the initial treatment, maintenance of them by the gentle pushing action will become easier and you can see how they push back.

Take care with them, as damage can occur if too rough and when it happens it takes a while to heal and can be quite painful. As I said earlier, less is more.

Hope this helps

Caitlin :)

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