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Hi-saw your response to duck billed nails.  Just wondering if you can steer me toward any additional literature on it.  I was going crazy thinking I have an iron deficiency, but that results in "spoon nails," which mine don't even come close to looking like.  They just slope up once they are just slightly over my fingertips, and nail polish makes this more apparent.  At first, I thought it was something the manicurist was doing.  There is very little information on it out on the web, and especially since there is actually a nail style people get called Duck Bill that takes up a lot of the search results I'm getting.  Thought you might know of a book or other source of media where I could learn more about this weird nail anomaly.  Thanks.  Shelley

Hi Thanks for your question!

It's a tricky one! Given you have indicated your research into this issue has already discounted the common finds (i.e: Iron issues, Growth form other than 'spoon shape') my next avenue of inquiry would be to look for a dermatologist who specialized in either nails or keratin issues. In my investigations all I have come across is this type of development seen after trauma (injury or severe nail biter for many years) and one instance of it being a genetic disorder (the patient had it from birth and mother also has same issue.

In terms of literature, I source mine from medical journals: Scorpus, a collective of journals, I find is an excellent database. Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions, I cannot provide a link here, but if you have College/University access, you may be able to look it up. The bad news is, no 'cure' was identified for the patients, however some did find benefit in having a acrylic overlay added to the nail, allowing the nail bed to be 'built up' to bring it in line with the rest of the nail, however this will cause the nail bed to be rather thick (depending on the apex of the up-growth).

Good luck in your search and if I can be of anymore assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.  

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