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52 female - My fingernails appear to be healthy and while I don't wear nail polish on a regular basis, I do like to wear it for very special occasions. I would love to wear it more often, but the few times a year that I do, my nail tips begin to peel as soon as I remove the polish which is usually the same day, but has been up to four. The peeling will continue until my nails have grown out again. I have tried numerous brands of polish, base coats and removers from drug store brands to high end ones over the years, but it happens with them all. Any answers, suggestions and or tips on what could be causing this and how I can avoid it while still having nice nails for those special occasions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi and thanks for your question.

How terribly frustrating for you!! Although I do think we can come up with an answer to your issue. Your nails are peeling as they are simply too soft, due to low levels of keratin (what gives nails strength). This could be to a number of issues, although most likely I think it would be additional chemicals added to either the polish or the remover (often formaldehyde has this reaction, to those with a sensitivity).

The simple answer is to build up strength with the application of nail hardeners (such as Herome, if it is available in your country), excellent diet and most importantly, change the brand/s of polish and remover you use. You will often find those with no formaldehyde are advertised as so on the pack or you can speak with staff in some retail stores for their recommendations.

Good luck and I hope this fixes your issue.

Cheers, Caitlin  

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