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I'm a newbie to nails. I have just been learning how to do nails on my own. my favorite part is painting.

I just bought some striping tape and just used it for the first time.

Ummm it looks super tacky. all these tutorials I read on the internet have gorgeous pictures where it looks so smooth and beautiful.

How can I get my polish to look smooth and beautiful like those pictures??

I've attached some pictures so you can see how jagged and blah it looks.

Am I taking the tape off too soon/not soon enough?

Also is there an easier way to handle striping tape?? It's so tiny I have such a hard time getting it off the roll, snipping it and putting it on my nails!

Close up of my right hand:
Close up of my left hand:

I understand you have questions about using striping tape and polish application.
I have been doing nails professionally for 18years I basically can tell you that anything that you do when it comes to polishing your nails or nails art is practice, practice, practice. When I started out my polishing was terrible but in school they made use only red which can be very messy. There is a 3 stroke method you need to learn and master 1 stoke on each side of the nail then down the middle, you always want to leave a margin around the nail and always bring it over the free edge(tip) to seal it and repeat with top coat, always use a base coat the allows the polish to go on smoother, also you need to mix the volatiles, don't shake the bottle it causes air bubbles, roll it between your hands, never polish with a draft from a/c or fan as that will also cause bubbles as it dries. When you finish clean up any messes with a small brush and small amount of remover. As for your pictures crisp up your lines with the brush and remover on the edge, if you bleed over with one color go back over it with the original color to cover the bleed over. For foil strips start at one end while on the roll leave some hanging over and the line up where you want it to go, leave extra clip and once it's where you want it cut your edges off and seal with top coat. If you are really interested in doing all the nail art you ever wanted go to nail school and become a nail technician. Also FYI only watch videos that are by pro non pro do not always give out correct information. Also I noticed your acrylic is 2 plus weeks grow out, when you have a big gap that puts stress on the nail and can cause permanent damage to you nails, don't go long periods having them filled. Alabama has a great nail show in the fall open to pros only, see if you can find a nail tech that would take you and get a feel of our industry, it's hard work but very rewarding.
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