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Hi! I've been searching the Internet about this- and found that my acrylic nails ( I have a french-tip design on them with a clear top-coat) Has turned "sticky and gummy feeling" after I had applied 30spf coppertone sunscreen on my son today. I am very funny about my acrylics and take pride in the way they look. I've read that sunscreen & especially the type that I used today can ruin your acrylics. I had JUST got a fill in/and got them re-painted 2 days ago. After applying the sunscreen I noticed this problem immediately and washed my nails with a toothbrush and soap. They're not as sticky now, but look a little dull. I can deal with this until my next Fill In, but was wondering, should I go and get the polish removed & fixed now? I'm worried that since it got on my nails that it might damage my acrylics for good. Sorry this was so long, but this is important to me. *Thanks*

Hi Brandy
Yes, Since acrylics are chemicals, when other chemicals are introduced to them they can have a chemical reaction, in your case its sun screen. Any reaction that occurs can sometimes compromise the integrity of the product which will lead to cracking, breakage, or even lifting of product, you do not want to get water or moisture trapped between your nail and the acrylic as bacteria on the surface of the nail will grow and stain it. Your tech should be able too check these out and if need be lightly file the surface and replace acrylic, gel top coat, or polish. Part of a nail tech's job is to educate their clients as to what they can and can't do with acrylics to keep them in a healthy state. Let her advise you as to what will work best for your nails. When applying sunscreen next time use gloves, wash your hands immediately so the sunscreen cant sit on them for long and you can also have your tech apply a gel top coat that should seal the acrylic. I hope this helps you. Please feel free to ask any other advise if need to.
Thank You
Karen New
Licensed Florida Nail Specialist
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