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Hi Karen,

Saturday I went to get a new set of acrylics and a gel paint over it. Loved the result. Monday I noticed the tips of the nails were brownish and the pinky nails were almost all brown. (by brown I mean a think brownish hue but you can still see the pink underneath).

Should I be concerned? Did the acrylics grow a fungus or did the top coat just not cure correctly? I plan on  taking the color off as soon as I get home, but until then, I am hoping you can calm my nerves!

Hi Elisabeth
I can't tell you what might be going on under your gel polish, and without knowing what the product is or how it is cured it's hard for me to tell you exactly what it is happening. I can tell you that if the darkening is in the tip area you probally don't have bacteria growth which is the dark staining you get from moisture trapped between the nail and acrylic, not fungus that is under the nail between the skin and nail and is only diagnosable my a doctor after they culture it. My guess would be either improper cursing technique or a chemical reaction from something that you touched with the tip of the nails or bad product. I know you want to take the gel polish off, but gel polishes have to be soaked off with acetone or drilled off. Both ways can weaken the acrylic, to much acetone will compromise the acrylic which now puts you are the risk of water being trapped. To much drilling or filing puts you at a risk of a weaker product and breakage could happen. My recondition it to either go to your regular salon and ask to have them to redo  at no cost or another reputable salon to have them fixed and they will probably charge you. You can put a color polish over the nail that will cover until they are ready to be changed. Good luck in what ever route you choose to go. You paid money for the service I would have that person fix it first and the if that doesn't work try another course of action.
Karen New
Florida Nail Specialist
18 yrs

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