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My nails were stained a while ago, and are now half pink-half yellowish. What can I do to promote the growth of my nails and prevent further staining? Or is there anything I can do to reduce the staining a bit, like any small remedies I can make at home?

*background info*
Several weeks ago, I used a nail polish from Misa. I applied it, didn't like the way it looked, used polish remover and then reapplied and still didn't like it. So I took it off. I then discovered that my nails were an orange-y yellowish colour. Also, I didn't use a base coat during this time... A bad idea now, I know, lol.

It's about halfway grown out, but for now my nails are half yellow and half normal-coloured. A couple weeks ago I also did a nail brightening treatment (baking soda, lemon, olive oil) that lightened the staining a ton. It also lightened my natural nail a lot too...

Looking back, I can now see this was a series of bad decisions on my part. But I guess now I've learnt a lesson...? Now I paint my nails using Sally Hansen's Complete Care 4-in-1 Moisturizing Base Coat. If you'd like me to attach a picture just let me know.

Thanks in advance! (:


Well, honestly, you have all of your bases covered. The lemon treatment is what I would recommend but try applying it know to the stained part of the nail with a q-tip or something. You van also get a 320 or higher nail buffer. Make sure it's cushioned. Gently buff the stained part of your nail. After, apply a cuticle oil to renourish your nail area.

Most importantly, please use a base coat. For darker colors, I would put two coats before your color application.

The good thing is that your nail will grow out eventually.   You are definitely on the right track.


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