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Good afternoon Brooke
I recently applied IBD intense seal over my Gelish manicure and saw yesterday ( I applied the mani Xmas day)
That most of my nails have cracks in them. It doesn't look like it went all the way down to the gelish layer but I'm not sure.
My nails are prone to snagging. Ripping, tearing and are damaged due to mistreating my nails :( but I'm making a change to that now😃
I remove the polish properly and take my time reapplying it so Why is the intense seal cracking? I've used it before but don't recall if it cracked or not.
The current manicure is an IBD just gel polish color and I use hellish foundation,
I am always sure to prep per instructions and take my time with application.

I just can't seem to figure out what's going on

I can't wait to get your answer

Thanks so much

Hi Torrie,
Firstly I have to say I am sorry for just now getting back to you. I was out of town on vacation.
I think I am understanding you, you are applying IBD Intense sealer over Gelish gel polish and have never had a problem till now.
First I am not sure if you are a licensed nail tech, if you are I would highly recommend that you call IBD and talk with their educators and see is they can trouble shoot it for you.
If you are not when products on nails react differently their is some kind of a reaction going on this could be anything from bulb strength being low resulting in under curing, application being applied to thinly and cracks appearing where the weaker amounts are. The Gelish underneath was not cured properly, the bottle has been over exposed to room light causing the strength to be uneven, and lastly the product is starting to go bad. I don't know if any if these may apply to your situation. Prep is very important and it sounds like you on the right track their, application is also important, I would review that and see if their maybe an issue there. Lastly professional nail products from the same manufacturer are designed to work cohesively together and sometimes different products do not do that. I hope that this is a starting point to help you figure out what be going on, Good luck. Please feel free to ask me any more questions if you need to.
Thank for your question
Karen New
License Florida Nail Tech

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