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I May 2015,I got my first gel polish manicure.  Three weeks later I went to have the polish removed and opted on regular polish this time.
The tech who removed my polish has totally ruined my natural nails.
Since I'm not knowledgeable of how gel polish works,I thought it would be removed just the same as any other nail polish: BOY WAS I WRONG! He filled two plastic bags with a solution ( I thought to be nail polish remover) and tied one on each hand. Then, one by one he began to file the polish off with what looked like a nail buffer.
Bottom line, my nails are ruined! When not even a clear polish coating will hold, and I can see how terribly botched my nail beds are...lumps where remnants of gel polish not removed, I realized I'd been hood-winked.
What, if anything can I do to my nails back to the healthy state they were in before all this happened?
Thank you for any advice you may have.

Disparate in Charlotte

Hi Charlotte,
First let me tell you how sorry I am that you had such a bad experience. As a veteran nail tech for over 20 yrs in Florida I thought that I had heard it all, I have never heard of having gel polish removed that way. Let me tell you somethings you can do to get your nails healthy. I'm not sure how bad the damage is, if it is pretty bad it will have to grow off, but you can help them along. The number one thing that you need to do is get a good cuticle oil and apply it to the nail 2-3 times a day everyday they need hydration asap and natural oils are the best for that. Don't use mineral, baby oil or anything with petroleum in it. Examples grapeseed, avocado, sweetalmond, olive, coconut. Next find a good salon near where you live in NC and let them evaluate the damage and have a manicure. Please I can't tell you what to do but stay away from cheap salons they don't understand proper nail care, they are all about cheap and quick services. Ok, off my soap box, go on Facebook to and put in you are looking for a quality tech in your area people will respond.
Let me explain a little bit about gel polish all gels need to be removed with pure acetone. Removal starts with lightly filing the top layer of the gel polish off so the acetone can start to break the product down and then apply cotton dipped in acetone and wrap the finger in foil. It may take 20 mins or more for removal, the product should never be pulled off as it will take layers of nail with it. I have found in the last 6 yrs of using gel polish improper removal does more damage. All nail products are safe when used properly, most damage is caused by operator error.  Good Luck I hope this helps, please feel free to contact me again if you still have questions.
Karen New, Licensed Florida Nail Specialist

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