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QUESTION: I have used non-lamp gels, acrylic, lacquer, polish with strengthener, base coats and top coats. My polish chips off at the tips almost every day. I even paint under the nail hoping this would help to stop the chipping. Are there any industry secrets that might help me? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you for your time, Mary

ANSWER: Hi Mary,
I understand that you are having an issue keeping nail polish on. I'm a little confused with your question. You didn't say if you are seeing a nail technician or not. I will try and address your question in a number of ways.
I am sorry to say there is no such thing as a non lamp gel polish. Gel polishes must have a catalyst to allow them to cute and that is a UV or LED lamp, If you are seeing a tech and she is advertising no lamp gels she is miss educating you, if you are purchasing a non lamp gel product, that is false advertising and it is a regular nail polish. With acrylic done properly in a salon, nail polish will never chip off. Nail strengtheners will not help polish stay on it only over drys the nail bed out and makes the nail unhealthy.A good base and top coat should help if properly applied. Nail polishes are designed to stay on 3-5 days, as long as you have a healthy nail underneath, the nail is made up of oil and water if you are not applying a good cuticle oil daily then your nail is not in a healthy state, every time you put your hands in water of use cleaning products it d-pleats the oil. Applying nail polish multiple times during the week will also dry the nail out. When you apply polish first use a nail cleanser on the plate, then apply your base coat bringing it over the tip of the nail(free-edge)then apply 2 coats of color bringing each over the edge, thirdly apply your top coat bring it down over the edge, this is very important to seal the color layers. you can re-apply top coat every day or every other day as needed to re-seal as top coat will break down with water and expose the color layers. Gel Polishes are a great alternative to nail polish if done properly you get 2-3 weeks of wear and must be removed with pure acetone.
I hope this helps you out. If you have any more questions please feel free to let me know.
Thank you
Karen New
Licensed Florida Nail Specialist

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your quick response. I do my nails myself and despite the fact that I use supplements such as fish oil, biotin, calcium, etc. My nails are very thin. Your answer was very informative, I work in senior care, cleaning homes of individuals who are unable to do it themselves. I wear gloves but they don't always work. So I guess I should have asked if there is an OTC polish that you would recommend? I enjoy trying different techniques and it's a shame they don't last longer. I would also like to know what you would suggest to use for making my nails healthier, I am in my early sixties if that's important to your answer. Again thanks for the advice, Mary

Hi Mary
Thanks for your followup question. Taking fish oil, biotin, calcium and others are fantastic. When you take something internally they will go to vital systems first, the nail like your hair outside the body is dead, it doesn't receive nutrients, as with your hair you condition it and so you need to condition your nails with a natural oil so it will absorb and re-balance the water/oil ratio in the nail. You can buy a natural cuticle oil bend or use any of these: sweet
almond, avocado, grape seed, jojoba, olive, or coconut. Apply directly on the nail when you are not wearing polish, on the skin all around nail when you are. As for a nail cleanser OPI makes a good one called Chip Skip, or any other alcohol based cleaner. As far as nail polish since I only use professional products I would recommend CND's Vinylux and Young Nail's Caption. Many professional products are sold as diverted(without company consent) online on Amazon you could try there and I think Ulta may carry Vinylux because they have a salon in the store. These are called long wear nail polish systems meaning they have special base and top coat to allow them to wear longer. Because you wear gloves a lot they maybe rubbing the tips and breaking the seal, I totally understand you need to wear them for sanitation. I wear gloves for all my services and I wear acrylic's with gel polish over and my tips do wear. Gel polish totally holds up better and you can do a lot of nail art that stays on better, but I have found the medical industry is not open to people wearing them and I'm not sure what the reason is so that may not be an option for you. I hope this will help you out. If you want to find someone in your area to work with your nails and your on Facebook try this group: you can post where you are and techs in your area will respond.
Thank you
Karen New
Licensed Florida Nail Specialist

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