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Buddynina wrote at 2013-03-09 08:49:46
I would get a second opinion if I were you. I totally disagree with the last answer.  Your project is of outmost importance. We are talking about feeding our planet with limited food and water.  They are already testing this in agriculure  around the world, day and night, night and day.  It is one of the most significant areas of nano technology that mankind can expand upon. Nanotechnology is advancing faster than we could ever catch up to it.  In fact, Monsanto is using it daily in their genetically modified foods and food preservatives.and they started  testing and using nanotechnology first with weed and pest control , then with seed modification in  crop fields which has  changed the future of all  plant life on this planet, and that has  an impact on agriculture!. Nature is nano,life is nano, without revealing her secret has adapted to nanotubes  and nanospheres, insects are already mated with nanobots programmed to  preying on the bad bugs, and leaving the beneficial  organisms alone. It has been used perhaps without our knowledge in composts, fertilizers and pesticides for years. Rainwater from forced clouds and weather manipulation water our crops that stems from this technology.  The information is there.  You just need to know who to ask. Nanopaint has been sprayed on trees to create nanowires that act as  antennas to enhance RFD energy and they have studies on the impact of this   Surely these applications are just a drop in the bucket of what applications are already being used for years by both government  military, and private industry.  Agriculture is Food , and feeding the planet is the first and foremost concern in nanotechnology.  Kid, your on the right track.  I can't give you the facts, but it is common sense.  Go for it!  


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